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Photos are up

You have to log in to see David's pictures, but here's a picture of him in action, courtesy of the sister of the groom.

Our incredibly talented photographer, David Negron, has posted a slew of pictures online for everyone to peruse here. You’ll need to log in to look around, so enter your own email address in the designated spot, and then use the password OliviaandMike (case sensitive). If you decide you want to own that picture of your friend busting some hilarious moves on the dance floor or the two of us showing off what we learned in tango lessons, you can order prints right through the website.

Of course, if you have other photos you took yourself, you know we’d love to see them. Leave a link in the comments, or shoot us an email.

Lots of love,

The Bowens


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Thank You!

Photo by C. Consolati

We would like to extend a big, giant Thank You! to everyone who came to celebrate or sent warm wishes as we tied the knot. It was an awe-inspiring experience to see so many people we love gathered in one room. (Of course, we wish we had had more time to connect with each of you, but with any luck, life will allow that in the near future.) Our marriage celebration was even more wonderful than we had anticipated, and we know that’s because of all the love and joy each of you brought to the evening.

Much love and many, many thanks,

Michael and Olivia Bowen

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Hotel Reminder

Just a friendly reminder that if you haven’t booked your hotel room yet, you have only until September 29th (that’s less than two weeks from this post) to lock in the discounted rate. Here’s a recap of all the key information from our Guest Info page.


We’re excited to work with the DoubleTree Hotel in Norwalk for the wedding. They’ve agreed to a generous rate of $82/night, plus taxes and fees. Please note, all reservations MUST be made by September 29, 2010 to secure this reduced rate.

The hotel has recently been renovated and has a pool, 24-hour fitness center (though we hope you’ll be having far too much fun to even think of going for a run), and, of course, a bar and lounge. It also offers free parking and shuttle services to and from the MetroNorth Darien train station. Please inquire about train station transport when booking your room.

All reservations can be made easily online at our personalized site or by calling 1-800-492-7148. When you call, please be sure to reference the Lindquist/Bowen wedding, and note that the preferred rooms (according to the hotel) are located on the Post Road side of the hotel. They’re farther set back from the road, and should be a bit quieter and with a nicer view.


Directions to the Maritime Aquarium can be found here. Please note, parking vouchers will be provided to those who are driving to the venue, and shuttle buses will be available to and from the hotel.

For directions to the hotel and preferred airport information, click here.

The hotel also provides free transportation to and from the Metro North Darien train station. Please ask about this service when you reserve your room.

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Food Rules

As a pescatarian with Celiac Disease (translation: vegetarian aside from occasional seafood, and never ever ever any wheat, barley, or rye), you better believe I’m sensitive to dietary restrictions. We haven’t finalized the menu yet, but you can rest assured that there will be gluten-free and vegan options, which I anticipate should meet most people’s menu limitations. If you have an medical or ethical restriction that is not satisfied by these options, please let me know (leave a comment or email me at olivia[dot]lindquist[at]gmail[dot]com) and we will do our best to make sure there is a delicious meal for you.

Please note, our caterer takes orders at the reception (that way you don’t have to try to predict what you want for dinner weeks in advance), so if you don’t have a specific restriction, no need to worry about dinner until you arrive ready to celebrate on 10.23.10.

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Carpools are Cool

Well, not exactly–we definitely won’t make you carpool…but we want to make it easy for you if you’re looking for a travel buddy or someone to split the hotel room with. Maybe you have a car and want someone to split gas and tolls with you; maybe you don’t have a car and want to hitch a ride; maybe you just love green living and want to be mindful of Mother Earth. Whatever your reason, just shoot an email to olivia[dot]lindquist[at]gmail[dot]com, and I’ll help put people in touch.

See you all in 85 days!

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Hey you beautiful people–

We know some of you are looking into travel arrangements and need to know timing for 10.23.10. Our wedding will start at 6:30pm on Saturday the 23rd, so if you’re looking at flights, you should certainly feel safe flying or driving into town that day. We absolutely can’t wait to see all of you, and if you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re back in the States in the beginning of September, but if you want to reach us before that, just shoot an email to mbowen13[at]gmail[dot]com or olivia.lindquist[at]gmail[dot]com.

Much love,

Olivia and Michael

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100 Days!

Exactly 100 days from today, we’re walking down the aisle and making it official. Dig out your dancing shoes!

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