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Now that the save the dates have dropped, it feels like the wedding plans are really in motion–largely because our favorite people on the planet [that’s you folks] are now officially part of the celebration! Thanks for dropping by our site. We’re trying to keep it full of useful information and fun stories, so we invite you to check back from time to time.

As a basic orientation: Most information for guests can be found in the aptly named Guest Info link up top. That’s where you’ll find all the details about lodging, transportation, and attire. If you want to see some funny and sappy photos from our courtship, go ahead and kick on the Photos tab. And if you want to read our open love letters and learn a bit more about each of us, visit the Meet the Couple tab. We also invite you to leave a comment introducing yourself on that page.

Also, since this is a very “home grown” kind of wedding (we are incredibly blessed to have loved ones doing pretty much everything but attire and food), our dear friend Melinda, aka DJ McLaffin, is doing the music for our nuptials. That said, this our [great big collective] party, so we’re curious about what you guys want to hear. We’re eager to see your suggestions, so please go ahead and leave them in the comments, or email olivia at: olivia.lindquist[at]gmail[dot]com.

Finally, and this has nothing to do with our wedding, but everyone should take two minutes to watch this amazing video of the night sky over a volcano in Ecuador.



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