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As I was digging through the archives of my favorite wedding website–A Practical Wedding–I stumbled across this great post:

From My Grandmother:

  • Choose a dress you can wear again – out dancing.
  • The good thing about a wedding is it happens no matter what occurs (including a blizzard, a car wreck, total photography failure, and severe allergic reactions, all of which happened at her wedding. And yes, she giggled while she told me about it.)
  • Buying expensive shoes might not be a bad idea if they are made well enough to be comfortable and you can wear them many more times.

From My Friends:

  • Just remember, it’s not a wedding if someone doesn’t cry (and not from joy during the ceremony).
  • Advice From A Bride: Don’t mix Valium and champagne for the wedding, even if you just broke your leg. Not good.
  • Advice From A Groom: Mixing Valium and champagne makes the whole thing much more pleasant.
  • When you look around and say “Didn’t we use to talk about things other than the wedding? What happened?” Then your ready to get married.
  • After the wedding, you’re over it. Whatever centerpiece you picked? Yeah. You’re not going to care.
  • For God’s sake, have fun.

Not surprisingly, much of this struck me as pretty darn sound advice (even if I don’t wind up following all of it). I have to say, we’re feeling pretty relaxed about this big party we’re throwing, but I’ll take all the help I can get in staying that way. So I’m curious: what tidbits of practical, sanity-saving wedding advice do you have to share with us? Any words of wisdom from your own big day, or things you you wish you’d known? Our guests are, by design, a wise and awesome bunch, so we can’t wait to read your pointers!


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The First Date

I’d had a series of rather pathetic dates in the fall of 2009. I’d joined match.com to get out of a rut, and wound up meeting all those guys who have to go to the internet to get dates. So I did what any sensible girl would do: decided to quit dating for a while. When I mentioned this to a good friend of mine, his immediate response was, “You’ve seen every chick flick ever, right? You’re going to meet the man of your dreams tomorrow. Trust me.”

Lo and behold, the very next day I got an email from Michael Bowen himself with the subject, “cooking and the red sox.” Shoot. This seemed promising. After a few emails (and pep talks from loved ones), I realized I had to meet this guy. All seven continents? A writer? A tall writer with a master’s degree, no less? Who could talk cooking and Red Sox? It seemed too good to be true.

A few days later, we made plans to meet at my favorite wine bar in Philly for a drink. Like a fool, I showed up late (for no good reason other than I really didn’t feel like going on a date that night) and after a few glasses of wine from a happy hour I was hosting for a women’s group. Of course, as soon as I actually got myself into Tria and sat down next this guy who, in a match.com rarity, was better looking than his pictures, I knew I was in trouble. I mean–wow!

The conversation flowed, I couldn’t stop laughing, and I couldn’t help wondering what else there was to know about this witty fella. By the time he walked me to my doorstep at 2am (despite the fact that we were both sick) and gave me a very sweet kiss on my doorstep, I knew I’d met The One. When I talked to my dear friend–and bridesmaid–Melinda the next day, I told her I was pretty sure I’d met the man I was going to marry, just in case she wanted to put that into a toast some day.

I like to tease Michael that he took twice as long to be sure. It wasn’t until our second date that he was quite so confident about our future. The good news is, we were, without a doubt, both right.

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